GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Begins Today!

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14th October, 2017, GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 begins in Chongqing. This event is held at Chongqing University, which attracts thousands of open-source lovers and authorities in this field. For those who can’t be here at the conference, we have live streaming for the whole event! (Follow “Linuxstory”on Weibo)

This year is the 20th birthday for GNOME Project, the 20th year of Chongqing becoming municipality, as well as the 10th GNOME.Asia Summit!
Also, for the first time, the summit is positioned in the west of China, Chongqing. In the meantime, it is the first time an international open-source conference in China ever held in other cities than Beijing, Shanghai.
As the largest annual event for open-source, what do we have for you?
First, we have “Sichuan opera face”show at the beginning. And the president of GNOME board of director Nuritzi Sanchez was amazed by the “open fire”on stage.

Many known figures in IT industry are here giving speeches.
Nuritzi Sanchez, president of GNOME Board of Directors, gave passionate speech,”You are the Future of GNOME.”
Deming Cai, author of 《鸟哥的Linux私房菜》(one of the most known book for Linux) will be with us tomorrow.

Apart from this, we also have a lot more for open-source lovers.
Roger Wang, founder of NW.js.
Lennart Poettering, founder of systemd.
Biao Liu, technical director of Information Accessibility Seminar.
Neil McGovern, project leader of Public Interest and Debian.
Xinlei Zhao, chief consultant of the technical association.
Sriram Ramkrishna, organizer of Libre Summit.
Yu Qi,Founder of open-source community Purecpp.
Cosimo Cecchi, VP of Endless.
Hermet Park, senior software engineer of Samsung Electronics.
Fu Wei, embedded/enterprise Linux developer.

From more than a dozen of countries, we gathered around to this special event!

For the lightning talk, every speaker has 5 minutes, which is full of excitement. If you missed today’s lightning talk, don’t miss tomorrow and be here with us~

The event for today is great, but tomorrow will be greater. We have more speeches and a cruise party~
We are here waiting for you~