Git with SVN 协同设定

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怎么设定 GitSVN的协同设置呢,最近折腾了一下,给个实例

Git Server

  1. SVN repository 建立一个 Git repository (Fetch)
    git svn clone --no-minimize-url --username=user_name svn://gisvsssvr/GRelease/remote_repo_name local_repo_name
  2. 建立一個 Git bare repository
    git clone --bare /c/Git/GRelease_Fetch/local_repo_name
  3. 設定 Git repository (Fetch)
    git remote add mirror /c/Git/GRelease/local_repo_name
  4. Fetch Server 的排程設定
    git svn rebase
    git push mirror

User (Local)

  1. 設定 Git repository
    git clone local_repo_name
  2. 設定 SVN repository
    git svn init --no-minimize-url --username=user_name svn://gisvsssvr/GRelease/remote_repo_name local_repo_name
    git svn fetch





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